My larger company is  The Learning Consultants

Our work focuses on high school students.  Every September, sizable change “just happens”.  9th grade to 10th grade leads to an entirely different set of classes (different work with somewhat different co-workers) and teachers (different bosses). Add in variation in activities (JV to Varsity or chorus to one of the leads), social change, lifestyle change (driver’s licenses and… everything else) and…. well you see why September has the promise of enormous change.

K-12 programmed us for sizable change every September and perhaps massive change in switching from elementary to middle to high schools.

Then… college… MASSIVE CHANGE in September.

Sizable change each year during college.

Then the first job out of college similarly brought massive change, perhaps in September or a bit earlier or a bit later.   But essentially from age 4-5 to age 22-23, we all experience sizable and massive changes that “just happened to us”.   Of course, college choice and first job choice required some heavy interaction but both of the processes were reasonably straight-forward.

Now…. are you 27 or 32 or 37 and in the same job you’ve hated for a while?

Through my work in Career Counseling Connecticut, I am very aware of one of the causes: subconsciously you think “something will just happen.”

It doesn’t.

You have to make it happen.

We can help you.