September: The Real New Year and Time for A Career Change

I am very convinced that part of the challenge for those who want to switch careers is that there is no automatic mechanism that creates such a switch.  That would not be a challenge if we were not so conditioned by the K-12 (and college) paradigm that made our student/work lives switch automatically.

Every September for 17 years (K-12, plus at least 4 years of college), we were conditioned that “something big was going to change.”  Every school year brought different teachers, subjects, and classmates.  If you compare this change paradigm versus the career change model – imagine switching bosses, departments, and co-workers each year, you can see the problem.  e were inadvertently programmed to think that forces outside our control would bring change.

We were inadvertently programmed to think that forces outside our control would bring change.

This does not happen in the career world.  When Career Counseling Connecticut started, I was surprised by how many people told me that they were “thinking about career counseling” for years. Unrelated to the thought that there are not a lot of quality career counselors, I still believed that career seekers would want to do everything possible to change their career.   In other words, I more than understand that some would never think about career counseling.  Such types are either too skeptical to get help or perhaps reviewed an ineffective career counselor’s website.  But those who were over that hurdle -who thought career counseling could help – still did not move forward.

Why?  They thought something would change.

If you are unhappy with your career, you have to take control.  I’m beyond worrying about being self-serving by suggesting that you come to Career Counseling Connecticut. My calendar gets filled regardless. But if you are on this site, you should do something and meeting with us will be the first step to a happier career.