So when exactly will you change your career?

When I wrote Career Path of Abundance, I came into contact with readers throughout the country, well beyond my Connecticut brethren.  I meet with these clients virtually.  This almost always means the meetings are less frequent.

One of my clients in California –  I’ll call her Donna – has scheduled meetings about once every two years.  “You get me fired up to change!” she says, in relation her current job that has a bad boss, a bad commute, long hours, and work activities that are diametrically opposed to her natural preferences,

I am happy that our meetings are inspirational. But I’m not happy with the results.  Donna tells me that the following occurs: She gets really sick of her job.  She decides that she wants to change.  Among other things – like editing her resume – she calls me for a career counseling session.  She gets fired up and starts acting in accordance with the career plan that we created.  She gets tired or frustrated or impatient with the work needed for the switch.  She convinces herself the job is not too bad and then she tells herself: “I’ll change my career, just not now.”

During our last meeting,  I asked her  “when exactly will you change your career?”

She said “now.”

Let’s hope.