Spring Career Renewal

Symbolism can be inspiring.  The start of the new year, your birthday, and spring time are each auspicious times to change your career path.

Most people change due to desperation. They react to events that they could have reasonably foresaw years before.  Alex came in to see me after he was laid off.  Alex worked for a large corporation in Fairfield County.  The corporation was not immune to the economic restructuring of the last decade.  Alex had simply been fortunate not to get the ax earlier. As he told his story, he mentioned different downsizing moves by his company over the last several years. He began peppering his story with “I probably should have come to see you then” as he relayed numerous signs that his job would be in jeopardy eventually. 

Thinking about hard things causes anxiety.  I get it.  But Alex kept his head buried in the sand while lay offs hit other departments. Then with seeming inevitability he, too, was laid off.

Most people should change due to inspiration. “I’m going to take control of my career.  I’m going to do what I want with my life.  I’m going to make the most of my potential.”  Spring time is a great time for such career renewal.  Go!