Summer In Connecticut: A Great Time and Place For Career Change

iStock_000010550374Small-14283Jessica told me about her summer plans.  We spend a week in Groton Long Point where my Uncle has a house.  Then, we go to Block Island for a few days, and then back to Mystic for most of the summer.  She mentioned a couple of sprint triathlons that she would do along various wonderful places along the Connecticut shore. Summer in Connecticut is wonderful!

The problem was that Jessica was at a breaking point in her career path. She was miserable to the point of a near nervous breakdown.  She would drive to her office in New Haven and be in tears before she got to work.  Two years of a boss micromanaging her, mean girl co-workers, and work that she didn’t like had its effect.

“I’m just going to put career issues out of my mind for the next few months and enjoy the summer.” Jessica said.  That could be healthy.  I’m all for any spiritually, psychologically, and physically uplifting events. But Jessica pointed the issue out before I did: “But I know I’ll be thinking about career stuff and I know even if I put it out of my mind I’ll come back to my same horrible career in September.”

“What if you spent this summer thoroughly enjoying yourself and figuring out your career path?”

She smiled.