Summer Vacation Is Coming: Find a new job so you can fully enjoy your vacation

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Your job shouldn’t ruin your vacation

I live in Old Saybrook, Connecticut and have an office in Madison, Connecticut. So, I meet many residents of other Connecticut towns who are on vacation.  When we talk about their work, jobs, or careers, most seem to have one thing in common: they get annoyed by work interruptions during vacation and dread going back to work after vacation.

I remember that feeling.  Much like the Sunday night blues I used to get, end of vacation was brutal.

I also remember feeling that part of my vacation was affected by my work. Back in those days (almost 20 years ago!),  I would feel slightly depressed and distinctly anxious when my vacation ended knowing that I was going back to work that was ill-suited for me.

Now… and please don’t hate me, I say this to inspire you to change, not create envy… I am often eager to get back to work.  My work gives me purpose.  Some part of my work is pure pleasure.  Most is at least “pretty good.”  Very little creates unhappiness.  There is no reason that you shouldn’t have the same.