Sunday Night Again… Are You Anxious Or Excited About Work On Monday? 

I’ve written about the Sunday night blues before. I used to get a feeling of anxiety that built into dread in between late afternoon and late Sunday before bed thinking about going to work. Fortunately, this was almost 20 years ago. I bring this up to assure you that I know… I really know… what it is like to feel anxious about work. 
Tonight, I am incredibly excited about work tomorrow. Some of you might not believe this is possible. I am optimistic by nature but during the few years that I worked in big law firms I started to lose hope that I could be happy about work. Now I think about different parts of my work that I’m excited to build tomorrow. 
I rarely tell my friends about this feeling because the last thing I want to do is create feelings of discontent for anyone that feels trapped and most of my friends are too deep into their careers and have too many financial responsibilities to consider switching careers. But I tell you because you found this site during a search for career counselors in Connecticut or something like that. This means I can help you. Let’s move you from anxious to excited about your work – now. Contact Daryl Capuano