Surprising news on the career counseling front for 50somethings

“Does Career Counseling Connecticut provide career counseling for older clients?” So begins a typical day of fielding questions from those who are confused about the next stage of their career path and wonder if they are unusual for not knowing what to do with their career in their 50s.

I’ve discovered that 50somethings are often as in need of career counseling advice as 20somethings and some even more so.

Here’s why: 50somethings were cultivated in what I call the “Old World of Work”.  In simple sum, one career path with a series of full time jobs with benefits, usually with just a couple organizations that was supposed to last until retirement.   At this point in time, most know that the Old World of Work is no more at least for most.  But their internal programming still did not anticipate a job loss, the need or desire to shift paths, that the New World of Work often requires considering a new way to think about work structures (gigs, independent contracting, part-time jobs).

Dealing with all these issues in one’s head is a recipe for anxiety and depression.  Contact us now so that you don’t have to go at it alone.