Thankful for loving my career

My inbox is filled on Thanksgiving and Christmas from past clients of Career Counseling Connecticut.

“Thank you. I love my new career…”  Some version of that opening phrase repeats itself.

There is no false modesty in saying the following: we have done such a great job at helping our clients find new careers because almost no one else does this work well.  High schools do next to nothing to prepare students for careers.  Colleges are almost criminal in their neglect to help students with their careers.  Therapists are ill-suited to be career counselors but they tend to be the most common career counselor, even though most only can help with the psychological feelings associated with unhappy careers.

We do get a fair amount of over the top praise: “you saved my work life!” I often respond: “no, you did.”

But we were the catalyst for the career change.  And for that I am very happy.