The best college graduation gift: Career Development

My work in career counseling emanated from a place of choice.  Starting my career as an attorney, I was in the fortunate position of choosing a career path that led to becoming an education-entrepreneur.  More choice led to building The Learning Consultants and then further choice led to me to creating different subsidiaries such as the company whose website you are on: Career Counseling Connecticut.   I was lucky to have good timing.  It led to financial freedom at a relatively young age and has now enabled me to focus on mission-based work which is now primarily: “help people find happy and successful careers”.

I wish my career counseling practice had more clients with my situation: choosing between good alternatives (should I continue practicing law or start an education company).  But for most – particularly my younger clients – the “choice” is helping them to develop a meaningful career or to continue meandering from meaningless job to job.

Most recent college graduates are stuck in underemployment.   This shouldn’t be the case. Connecticut has among the best education systems in the country.  Most Connecticut parents are from the affluent suburbs and provided every advantage possible for their children. Those who attended UCONN – one of the best public universities in the country –  as well as any of Connecticut’s elite private colleges should have choice. Many do not.  They are just trying to “figure it out.”

We can help.