The connection between unhappy work and psychological issues

Career Counseling Connecticut is designed to help our career counseling clients with the very practical need of finding better work.  Getting our clients onto a different career track requires a deep knowledge of the work world; an ability to guide our clients correctly on the proper path towards better suited careers; and a thoroughly practical view related to money, credentials, and other real world issues that psychologists usually ignore.  
Nonetheless, my work – and certainly the effect of my work – is often psychological as much as it is practical.
Many clients who seek out career counseling are not simply unhappy in their careers but they are also unhappy in life.  Why? Because our careers take an enormous amount of our life.  In a typical work day, we are awake roughly 16 hours.  Between getting ready for work, commuting, working, and returning from work, 10 hours (or more) is usually consumed.  Monday-Friday is dominated by work.  5/7 of your life is your career. 
When we provide career counseling, we often end up providing counseling of a psychological nature, even though our real work is practical.
The message: to get happier in life, get happier work.