The Coronavirus Will End, Your Career Will Continue

“Like most, I’ve been frozen with worry over the last few weeks. I just came to the realization that this will end… who knows when… but I’ll have to go back to my job.” So said Katelyn, a twentysomething from Branford, Connecticut. She had contacted Career Counseling Connecticut in early March. Our correspondence dropped off as the Coronavirus crisis hit the state. Now she realizes that this is a perfect time to change careers.

Life will go on. To be clear, I vigorously advocate social distancing and am taking this crisis as seriously as we all should. But there will be a point when you go back to your job as you did before the Coronavirus. If that thought makes you cringe, then let me highlight one great aspect of the Coronavirus lockdown: you have time to think and plan for career change.

Career change rarely happens instantly. Most everyone needs time to reflect, plan, and take initial steps towards a new career. I have noticed in my career coaching sessions last week – all virtual! – that my clients seem

(1) more centered

(2) more reflective

(3) more big picture-oriented

Essentially, they are in a wonderful position to make a career change.

You could be too.