The dangers of career drift

“If you told me that I would be in this career path at 40, I would have laughed at how ridiculous that sounded,”  Henry said.

Henry had an mid-level executive position with a national rent-a-car company.  He fell into an entry level job with the company when he graduated- his older brother’s friend was the hiring manager – and took the job with the belief that he would work there a year or two and then move on.  18 years later…

Henry then relayed the all too common career drift story.  He was thinking of leaving during his first few years but he didn’t actively searched, he just had “thought” to leave.  In his late 20s, he was getting eager to leave but he got engaged.  At 31, Just when he was gearing up to make a move, his wife became pregnant with their first child.  Ready to jump at 34, his wife became pregnant with their second child.

Despite years of “thinking”, he should shift careers, he never took action. After one session with Career Counseling Connecticut, he had a plan of action and now WILL shift careers.