The end of the year: Are you still in a mismatched career?

At the end of each year, many people reflect on their lives.  Relationships, fitness/health/weight and career are the three areas most commonly considered.

Blake booked an appointment with Career Counseling Connecticut because he was not only reflective about the end of the year but he was also turning 30 in January.  He realized that he had done nothing in the last few years to shift his career, even though he knew it was a mismatch.  Why?  Like most people who drift into a career, Blake had no crisis to compel movement.  He read my book Career Path of Abundance and realized that he was heading along the same path as one of my former clients. He called me with near panic: “I’m just like Pete” [the character in the book].

The simple summary: Pete, like Blake, took his first job based on falling into it through a friend who helped get him hired.  The job was never a fit but Pete, like Blake, was fine at his work and treated reasonably well. Pete, like Blake, kept telling himself that he was going to switch careers but never did.

In Pete’s case, he came to me in his forties and now discovered that he was “branded” by his jobs.  He was having a near impossible time switching careers because he had been typecast in a mismatched career.

The end of the year is a great time to take stock about your life.  If we can help you avoid career drift, contact us.