The Expert’s Path to Happy Work

The great thing about Netflix is the ability to check out unusual movies.  Jiro Dreams of Sushi is worth watching if you want to see a master at his craft.  I had no interest in watching the movie.  Strange title and I don’t eat sushi.  But, I saw the reviews as I was scrolling through documentaries.  I thought I would check it out and then found myself mesmerized.  

Jiro is a master sushi chef. He has dedicated his life to his craft. I would guess that many writers would focus on Jiro’s career success  His restaurant was awarded the highest Michelin rating. The minimal charge for a single diner is $300.  He is widely known as the world’s greatest sushi chef.  I want to focus on Jiro’s career happiness.  

Jiro derives great internal satisfaction from his work.  He “dreams of sushi” because he is immersed in honing his craft even further.  He feels purposeful at work.  He derives meaning from providing the highest quality dining experience to his customers.  Work makes him happy as he does not like holidays when he can’t work.  (Ok, he might be a bit unbalanced!)

Lately, as I have worked with many Connecticut job seekers who are wondering how to get a better job, I find myself advising them to become an expert.  Expertise in a marketable skill makes one invincible.  Just watch Jiro.