The First Step of Career Change: Take Control

Do something.  Anything.  One thing.  Just do something affirmative.

Most people who are in career misery do nothing. They either complain but do nothing.  Or, they bury their heads in the sand and do nothing. 

When career counseling clients leave my office, they almost always say “I should have done this a long time ago.” I’d like to think that part of the thought relates to our session. I also know that part of the success of our meeting stemmed from something outside of my advice. The client took action. By contacting me, scheduling a meeting, answering my career counseling questionnaire, taking career profiling tests that I provide before the meeting, and simply thinking about what to say and ask during our meeting, the client has done a whole bunch of things that will help solve the career challenge. The process itself – regardless of what I end up advising – is helpful.

So, do something. If that something is meeting with me, then I’ll happily give the credit to you for your career change.