The Internship: The new “must” for college students

When Career Counseling Connecticut was launched almost a decade ago, the bulk of our first clients were twentysomethings who were unhappy in their career starts or had not really started their career.  We were soon surprised by how many thirty, forty and even fiftysomething clients came to us for career help.  We soon realized that there are very few credible career counseling firms in Connecticut and elsewhere.

Our more recent surprise has been how many younger clients –  college age and pre-college – that are in need of career help.   In particular, the new must for many college students is gaining a summer internship, certainly before senior year, but often before junior year as well.

Despite what might appear to be a generally good job market, the job market for college seniors trying to land a good job is brutal.  To be clear, there are many entry level jobs out there but not that many career building jobs, particularly in fields that interest most college students.

If you are a college sophomore or junior or if you are the parent of one,  time to contact Career C0unseling Connecticut.