The job search process: the mystery of how to get a better job or just a job in today’s work world

“I’ve sent 100 applications to Indeed.” Sharon said as she called the offices of Career Counseling Connecticut. “Is it my resume? I’ve been out of work – at least out of a real job – for over a year. Can you help me find work”  Sharon was in a business field and lived in Stamford, CT.  So, it wasn’t as if she was an impractical person.

I hear some version of Sharon’s story a few times a week, quite often from recent college graduates or parents of recent college graduates who are seeking help for their adult children.  But I also hear the same from older twentysomethings and certainly those in their thirties and forties, particularly if they had not ever experienced unemployment.

To answer Sharon’s question: “yes, it probably is your resume but probably not the format of the resume or anything else related to style.”

Career Counseling Connecticut has retained a job search engine expert who has a deep understanding of how to break through the computer algorithms of Indeed and Monster and other computer screening systems.  Much like those who understand search engine optimization and how to customize key words to ensure high search results based on Google’s algorithm, there is a method to break through Indeed-Monster and so on.

And, to the bigger question, “yes” we can help, not only through breaking through the screening process but also by helping our clients navigate the hidden job market.  That’s a subject of a lengthy discussion.  But essentially, many people get jobs that were posted to job boards.  How does that happen?  We can show you.