The New World of Careers In Organization

I was watching a video from Big Think on the changing nature of employment. As I discussed in Career Path of Abundance, the new world of work will present employment situations more like those in the entertainment field. We sometimes forget that all those movie and TV actors are in project based work without work that extends into the future. In terms of stability, the best an actor can hope for is a part in a long running TV show. But for every CSI or Seinfeld, there are thousands of pilots and short lived shows. My exposure to that world comes from a good high school friend who works in production for TV.  He’s had long term multi year projects such as Battlestar Gallatica and he’s had dozens of short term projects.
How does this relate to you career? The Big Think speaker used the term “tour of duty.” So, let’s say if you work The Hartford or Aetna or any other large insurance company in Connecticut.  Most insurance companies are very stable and at the moment primarily offer jobs in the “old world of work mode”, as in full time jobs into the indefinite future.  As companies evolve, many will shift to a more fluid model.  There will be projects that by design are long term which will provide the feel of stability (a tour of duty) but those projects will eventually finish up and both the employer and the employee will need to decide whether a new tour of duty makes sense. 
Some part of this world will be scary for Connecticut job seekers, particularly those fortysomething and above who were conditioned in the old world of work mentality.  
But some part will be positively liberating as you will be in position to craft your own career.