The New Year: Time to change careers and stop the Sunday blues

With hope, most of Career Counseling Connecticut’s readers are enjoying a long holiday.

Some of my Christmas cards are from past clients who came to Career Counseling Connecticut feeling miserable about their careers and now feel good-great.

After reading this article, Google “Sunday anxiety” and you may be surprised by the sheer volume of articles addressing work dread.  I remember mine vividly.  I was a happily married, young father.  But my weekends immersed in domestic bliss would be interrupted -in my mind – by the Sunday blues.  Like most, these started creeping in during the afternoon and I’d start to feel anxious around dinner time.

If you told me then that I would often be eager to get to work on Monday, I would have thought you a delusional or exceptionally lucky type as it seemed that most everyone I knew experienced something similar.  Later, I understood that this was a function of being an attorney!

In any event, if you want to change your career, contact us.  2020 is a new year and a new decade.  Why continue with the Sunday blues?