The Robots Are Coming: Save Your Children, Get Career Help

Robot automation will take 800 million jobs by 2030.2 —McKinsey Global Institute

Despite being a fan of The Terminator, I am a hard-wired optimist.  Notions of dystopic future worlds do not scare me because I believe “we’ll figure it out.”  Indeed, I am confident that some of us will figure it out despite the onslaught of AI that will gradually replace millions of jobs done by humans.

Who will?  The exceptionally credentialed, connected, and skilled in marketable areas . and those –  regardless of any of the aforementioned -who take initiative to craft their careers.

Who won’t? Most everyone else.

Here,  I realize that I – and probably you if you have found yourself reading Career Counseling Connecticut – have an enormous advantage.  You either are in the thin slice of the former so doing things like reading a career blog is part of your culturization or you are in the self-directed category. Either way, we can help.

“Eddy” came to Career Counseling Connecticut.  Like most twentysomethings, he knew very little about career paths.  He had a biology degree. That’s a good start but he had neither a real interest in biology nor the interest (and perhaps abilities) to become a scientist.  He was not suited to be a lab technician and he was not heading for more education.  He also did not know how to articulate what he wanted to do.   This led to two years, post-college drifting.

We worked on Eddy’s career vision. But before doing so, we had to educate Eddy on the career world.   He saw what we know – there is an onslaught of AI coming that will take away jobs from many twentysomethings.  He had no idea.   Now, we are crafting his steps so that he is highly skilled and…one step in front of the robots.