The time is NOW

The older I get, the more I wonder about our capacity to self-sabotage. Career issues are my main work focus so my attention naturally goes towards the clients I meet who almost invariably tell me: “I should have come for career counseling years ago.”

Are you happy in your career?

If “no”, then do you expect that you will be happy if you stay the course of your current career path?

If “yes”, then you are paying your dues and much like a would-be Marine going through boot camp, you must simply tough it out for the promotion or whatever else you believe will lead to your future happiness.

If “no”, then why are you waiting to move on?  The easiest way to analyze this question: do you want your boss’s job?   I don’t mean in comparison to your job since presumably you would prefer to switch places with your boss.  Instead, is it worth your life energy (one year, two years, five years…) to get to your boss’s position?  When people say:  “no”, then I wonder why they are complacent.

This is your life.  Take control.