The Wonderful New World of Work

Sometimes I stay silent about my work world.

Why?  I’m with people my age who are usually complaining about their jobs.  They are locked into the traditional work world of big organizations.  They are immersed in office politicing, title striving, and, budget worrying.  They discuss the “fires” they put out or use terms like “battle” and other war like terms such as “corporate warrior”.  Even a friend who is a CEO told me that he often wishes he was a postman who could work for a few more years, take his pension, and retire. 

I stay quiet because I don’t want to create further angst, particularly among those who are likely going to stay in the matrix for the rest of their careers. 

If you are here on this site and immersed in corporate life, I tell you that there is another world of work.  I was cultured and spent a decade in traditional confines of large stodgy organizations.  Not everything is terrible in such places.  Security – even if illusory – is comforting.  But, having to put on the facade of the Gray Flannel Man (or woman) every day is soul draining.

Those who have spent time in start-ups or other entrepreneurial ventures have a radically different view of work reality.  Its not utopia.  There are different battles.  But, the battles are consequential – “what market should we focus upon?” as opposed to territorial – “I better get placed on the project.”  Facades are mostly removed.  You still need to be nice to the boss but you don’t have to put on a phony front for 10 hours a day.  And, while you might work just as much, it won’t be useless face time.

Take the red pill.