Time is life. Career time is life time.

Career counseling CT
Your career is a large part of your life. Why hate your life?

“I leave at 8 am and return to my house at 9 pm on most Mondays-Thursdays.  On Friday, I leave around 6.  But I usually go in for at least a half day on Saturday.  Sunday night I spend at least an hour getting ready for the week.”   Jed, a 26 year old relayed his job hours at a Fairfield County investment entity.  “This is no way to live.” he continued.

“I never have time to do what I want.”  Linda said as she described her 6 day per week job.  On her 7th day, she didn’t rest.  She did errands, housework, and, often more work. A 28 year old from Fairfield, Connecticut, Linda’s temp job as a twenty two year graduate from Conn College in New London, CT had become a full time job and with a promotion a more than full time job.

I should add that neither Jed nor Linda enjoyed their work.  Each had scarcity of time.

I want to be clear that I’m a practical person and someone who gives practical advice.  I don’t tell clients to quit their jobs to travel – although that’s a great idea if you are able – but I also know that my career counseling work saves people from miserable careers and thus miserable lives.  Yes, it is an investment.  But it is worth it.