Time to Change Careers: Career (Life) Happens While You Are Making Other Plans:

“Life happens when you are busy making other plans.”

An old friend posted this quote – originally said by others but made famous by John Lennon –  on Facebook recently.  He noted that he was celebrating his 20th year in a career field that he thought he would leave after year 1.  He noted that he “took a job and it had become an unintended career.”

It was a rueful confession that he felt comfortable making as a service to others.

I remember a lunch with this friend  – at one of those great Italian restaurants in New Haven – about 15 years ago. Mike didn’t like his work and was thinking about leaving.  At the time, his career success was reasonably on track as he received expected promotions. He said that he was “thinking about a career change” but he didn’t have career direction.  A few years later, he said the same.  After the 2008 economic downturn, he felt stuck, just lucky to have a job.

My friend’s Facebook quote was sad as it conveyed a clear message of regret. He had been “planning” to career change for years. Learn from his lesson.