Times of upheaval require expertise

“Thank goodness someone understands the new world of work.”  Steve and Cindy, a wonderful couple from Fairfield, expressed in slightly different words but almost in unison. They have three sons ages 27, 24 and 22.  Each one went to private colleges. Each one had reasonable grades.  Each one did not have any significant challenge (no drug issues/learning disabilities/psychological challenges).  And, each one was struggling to find career footing.

Steve’s job involved analyzing economic data for a financial institution.  As such, he had a deeper understanding of the issues affecting the world of jobs and careers than most all parents.  Cindy, a real estate agent, saw it from a different end as she noted the distinct lower percentage of young adults buying houses.  “They can’t.  They don’t have money.”

Despite the employment numbers that seem positive on a macro level, employment in career building jobs for college students is not as rosy.  Getting hired for a full time job with benefits in a stable career track is really hard.

Career Counseling Connecticut has immersed itself in understanding the new world of work.  We can help.