Use December to Change Your Career in 2015

January 2015 could be the year of your big happy career change.


Each December, I review our career counseling case files. I smile when I see the stories of clients who radically changed their careers in 2014. During our first meetings, most of my clients came in very confused. They had no idea what they wanted to do. They did have one certainty – they didn’t want to be working in whatever career path or job they had.

Through our career exploration process, clients started discovering more about themselves – what I call career Intrapersonal Wisdom – and about the world of work – what I call career Entrepreneurial Wisdom. They learned how to figure out how to match their unique skills and preferences to the job market. They found happy work.

Skeptical? You should be. And, despite my natural optimism, I once would have been skeptical when I was in a job that cause unhappiness and felt stuck. When I found my path, I also found my mission to help others.

Most of my career counseling clients are skeptical that they can find happiness at work. Some, in fact, feel so beaten down that I have to reenergize them before we get into practical steps.

But, they do. And, you can as well.

Use December 2014 to plan for happy December 2015.