Use the summer to create your career vision

Summer in Connecticut is nearly perfect.  Perhaps the water could be a bit warmer and I-95 less crowded but otherwise our beaches and climate make Connecticut a prime place to be. For those interested in creating your career vision, there is no better time to do so.  Here’s why:

The fall is a perfect time for new ventures.  Energetically, we have been conditioned from K-12/college/grad school to view September as the start of something new. That’s a wonderful time to execute the career vision that you plan in July and August.

After the first career counseling meeting – particularly when my career counseling clients and I have co-created a new vision – I tell our clients to find some space to let their inner wisdom sit with whatever new idea.  Going for a walk on one of Connecticut’s wonderful beaches or just sitting and staring at the ocean/Long Island Sound is an ideal way to find that space.

Here’s why: our clients almost always enter my office confused about their career direction. That’s why they are seeking career counseling! After our meeting, there is almost always a distinct career “pilot program” (new idea that I want my clients to test much like a TV pilot tests).  Understandably, any new direction takes some reflection and/or just sitting with the idea to understand if the concept is plausible.

So use your summer wisely. Plan your career vision now.  And, then execute the vision in the fall.