What Exactly is Preventing You From Where You Want to Be in Your Career?

Many people continue to struggle with a career vision for much of their life.  “What do I want to do when I grow up” is not just a question people ask themselves during their childhood years anymore.  This uncertainty plagues many people for well past their adolescence. 

However, some posit an objectively clear career vision, yet they ultimately don’t reach this vision because of roadblocks in the way, and end up settling. 

This issue usually pertains to flawed career building tactics. It is easy to get discouraged and stop the process when things don’t go as planned.  Consequently, many people lose hope and never achieve their dream career vision.

Vin started a business in Stonington, Connecticut. It was not doing too well. He came to me in hopes of finding the best path of abandonment and how to optimally get back into the job world. He had outstanding knowledge in his area of expertise. His business plan was more than solid. But, he was not too knowledgable about marketing (specifically search engine optimization).  This lack of knowledge was the primary reason his startup floundered. Fortunately, this is the one facet of marketing that I know pretty well. So after a few months of us working together, he was able to turn his startup into a legitimate, now flourishing business.

 In other cases, we have helped clients with other areas that may be preventing them from obtaining their career vision.  Interviewing, networking, resume tailoring, and other tactical areas are examples of where we can help you. 

The takeaway: don’t give up on your career dream because of flawed career strategy or tactics.