What if your average work day was a great day?

Those with happy work understand the headline.

Those who have only had unhappy work likely understand at an intellectual level – like a perpetually snow bound Siberian reading a headline about touring Hawaii – but would not understand at an emotional level. 

“Time to head back to the salt mines.” said my supervising law partner as we would leave lunch or anything else that was marginally fun. The typical metaphor of equating work with drudgery stems from the view that work days are not good days.  Recently, a friend from Mystic, Connecticut made the same reference when she said “time to make the donuts” (a homage to an old Dunkin’ Donuts commercial showing the baker getting up at 4 am to start cooking.)  That’s the feeling of work for most people.  I fully understand. I worked for the aforementioned law partner!

Now… even on days that are “average”, as in typical, nothing special happening, I have pretty good to great days.  I rarely tell my friends because I know such statements may make them reflect negatively.  But I tell you because you are here to change your career. Your “average” work day could be great.  

Typical work day = great day = happy life.