What’s not working? Your career vision? career strategy? or career tactics?

Most of our career counseling clients need help finding a career vision, answering that never ending question – what do I want to do when I grow up? – that seems to plague people through their thirties, forties, and even fifties. 

Some, however, have an objectively solid career vision. But they stopped moving forward because they are having a hard time making the vision become a reality.  

Usually, the problem relates to a flawed career building strategy or career tactics. When things are not working out, the career seeker gets discouraged. Many prematurely discard the vision because of flawed strategy or tactics.

Zach started a business in Hamden Connecticut. It was floundering. He came to me in hopes of getting back into the world of jobs. His expertise in his area was top notch. His general business plan was excellent. But he did not have a proper marketing strategy (he had neglected search engine optimization) and he needed to learn proper marketing tactics (how to create search engine optimized content). This is the one marketing area that I know pretty well.  Zach worked with us on his strategy and tactics and his business went from floundering to flourishing within a few months. I should note that he deserves the credit. We trained him but he executed the strategy and tactics brilliantly.

In other cases, we have helped clients with interviewing, networking, resume creating, and other tactical areas when clients were about to give up a solid vision. 

I suppose one of the most valuable things we do is provide outside and objective guidance on how to change/alter/keep a career vision.  The lesson: don’t give up on your career dream because of flawed career strategy or tactics.