Who really helps your career?

Recent clients of Career Counseling Connecticut have noted some common themes:

“I realize that I pay for a trainer at the gym or for a yoga class to help me get in shape but I’ve never paid for help with my career.”

“I see a therapist about my anxiety. But I’ve never seen a career counselor about my career.”

“I really have no one to speak with about my career.”

Career coaching is rapidly becoming the career advantage that some people are getting and others are not. In the same way that yoga classes were not something our parents did but seem ubiquitous now, career counseling is gaining in traction. The reasons:

Why would you get help to get in shape but not get help for your career? Both are important and your career takes up more of your life than fitness.

Why would you get help for anxiety but not for the issue – career – that might be causing anxiety?

And, why would you only talk to yourself about your career?

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