Why [Effective] Career Counseling Is Needed 

​It seems only a little bit biased that someone running a career counseling company would suggest that career counseling is needed…! My bias is mitigated by my lack of need.  Let me explain: I run a company called The Learning Consultants. The Learning Consultants, in and of itself, has not only provided wonderfully meaningful work but, with great fortune, has placed me in the position to do other work that aligns with my heart, as opposed to my economic need.  

Ok.. that was a long, over drawn qualifier… but I needed to clarify why I urge you to get effective career counseling, whether it is through Career Counseling Connecticut or another entity.  

If you are on this website, you are thinking about doing something else with your career. If you are like most everyone, among the many problems that you face in changing your career is the lack of skilled advisors in your life who could help you through a career transition. How do I know this? Because almost everyone who seeks me out for career counseling, whether formally or informally, will say that they have no one who can really guide them through the career change process.

Who is in your life that can provide effective career counseling?  Your parents? Unlikely for most. Even if your parents are wise people who understand the world of work, parents are hard-wired to desire security for their children.  They can’t help but have an agenda. It’s in their biology.  Your spouse?  If you have children, or are thinking of having children, with your spouse, then the same forces will affect him/her.  He/she will want you to maximize your earnings and/or your collective security.  Your friends? Most are your age, know only about their own career field, and, while perhaps willing to listen to your practical problems, are more interested in socializing than in figuring out your career issues.

What happens when people are faced with a major life issue and do not have anyone to really discuss it with?  They spend a lot of time “in their heads”, talking to themselves, ruminating, suffering analysis-paralysis.  Ultimately, the anxiety and discomfort from thinking about the issue causes the person to stop thinking about the issue and, of course, taking no action.

That’s why you need to seek career counseling.