Will 2016 be the year you finally change careers?

doNovember… hard to believe that another year is almost complete and that New Year’s resolutions such as changing jobs and careers will be on many people’s wish list.  Those in Connecticut may be particularly hard hit as General Electric ponders fleeing Fairfield County. I sadly witnessed the toll Pfizer’s exodus had on New London County.

Since Career Counseling Connecticut became a full grown company, the number of clients who start the meeting by noting that the “should have been here a long time ago” seems to have grown.  Perhaps due to scars of the 2008 recession, many people have clung to jobs and career paths even through sizable unhappiness.  

I pause to note that I’m all for practicality.  Indeed, one of the more common compliments I get from those who worked with other career counselors prior to finding me is that they actually had a concrete, realistic action plan as opposed to airy fairy follow your bliss advice. I will not advise anyone to do something that would have a high probability of creating financial peril. My years as an attorney (law is a risk adverse profession), my observation of impractical fools chasing make-believe careers, and my own life experience as the primary breadwinner of a family of five make me highly focused on providing guidance that will lead my clients to careers that are economically feasible.  But… I am simultaneously focused on finding careers that lead to happiness.  

If 2015 was supposed to be the year for a career change, don’t curse the fact that it didn’t happen.  Focus on 2016 – your year of career change.