Will you play small in 2018? Go big. Time to change your career

Time to go for a big career move in 2018

Some who seek career coaching with  Career Counseling Connecticut’s play life too cautiously.

They contact me with great hesitancy.  They ask questions skeptically.  They are not “certain” that I can help.  I wish them well.  But I know a few things with certainty: (1) we have and will continue to help our clients, often in life-changing ways in only a session or two (2) I’m always booked.  So when pressed too hard about “selling” our services, I chuckle because it is the equivalent of being at the end of a long line to get into a top restaurant and then questioning the hostess as to whether the restaurant is worth it and (3) if they are too skeptical-cautious to meet with a career counselor (a low risk, small investment) then they will likely never choose to change careers (high risk/high investment).

Most such types greatly overestimate transactional cost and greatly underestimate opportunity cost.  When providing career coaching, I am mindful about all the time, energy, and money that goes into career change.  These are transactional costs.  I am highly practical in my approach.  Indeed, giving financial guidance (not about investments but about money management) has become part of my work.  But my career changing clients are not just mindful but blocked.

I am more mindful than my clients about opportunity cost.  Almost everyone who leaves my office says: “I should have come here a long time ago.” The typical client has been suffering in career confusion, career boredom, and/or career misery for quite a while.  Time cannot be rewound.  Once you spend it, time is gone.  This leads to a small life.

Play big in 2017.  Career Counseling Connecticut can help you.