Will this finally be the year of job or career change?

If last year, you wanted to change jobs or your career and you didn’t, then you discovered a truth about adult life: things don’t change unless they are forced upon you (almost always not good) or you affirmatively force the change yourself (almost always good in the long term, even if there is some short term challenge).

In working with Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients through the years, there are some patterns that I see with certainty:

  1. Almost everyone who meets for career counseling tells us that they should have met with a career counselor years ago.
  2. Almost every client tells us that the process of career counseling led to their happy and successful career change
  3. Almost everyone leaves our meeting immediately happier because we have given them distinct hope.

In relation to each:

Why suffer more than you need to?  If you were not happy in 2017 with your job or career, it is not likely you will be happy in 2018.  You have to make the change.

Much like any change, the “process” leads to results.  It is the rare bird who can independently figure out their new career path, plan a strategy to get there, and execute the tactics to ensure success.  Most everyone could benefit from an outside expert.

If you are reading this post, you might have some despair because you don’t know what will you will do next.  I can nearly guarantee that after one meeting, you’ll have a distinct practical sense of what makes sense to vigorously explore.