Work as the anxiety cure

“I’m too busy.  I don’t have time to worry.”

Winston Churchill when asked if he was worried during the 18 hour days he was working.

Those engaged in work that they find meaningful “worry” but in a different way than those who are disengaged.  They are immersed in problem solving in the present.  They are not anxious in relation to the future.

Through my work running Career Counseling Connecticut over the last decade, I have become something of an expert on career anxiety. Not all – but most – clients come to me and report anxiety of some sort.  Of course, most of my clients wait too long before scheduling an appointment and have needlessly suffered to the point of having high anxiety.  Nonetheless, work anxiety is a genuine epidemic.

Living with anxiety is no way to live.  If you can change your career to work in something that gives you meaning, you will eliminate one large source of anxiety.  And, then you can live more fully in all areas of your life.