Yes, your job could put you in a better mood

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My work puts me in a better mood.

I remember reading Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. I had one of those “click” experiences. The book described the state of flow that some people derive at work.  Flow could be simply described as having a satisfying experience.  Picture a craftsman at his trade.

But, the concept of flow could apply to anyone at work.   The “click” for me was that work could be source of enjoyment.  I didn’t have to toil away in misery.  If I found work I liked, then I would go to work happily.

I was in law school at the time.  Just a short while before, I had relished my undergraduate education where I experienced flow continually in my psychology, philosophy, theology, history, and English classes.  I loved reading and writing.  I loved learning new concepts in class.  School was a mood enhancer. During law school, I was beginning to clock watch and school was becoming a mood deflator.   The same was true in relation to my days in the private practice of law.

Now, on most days, my mood is uplifted due to work.  I’m in a flow state quite often.  While I still prefer to spend time with my wife and children than working, I prefer my work to many other activities.

I’m often reluctant to tell friends about how much I love my work because I worry that I’ll create some negative self-reflection.  If you are reading this blog, I don’t want that to be the case.  But, I do want you to know that there is hope.  You can like your work.

Your work can be a mood enhancer.