You can escape your job

Escape Your Unhappy Career ASAP!

“I feel trapped.” Jim told me. Jim had a conventionally good job, in terms of both pay and prestige, at a financial consulting firm based in Fairfield, Connecticut.  Indeed, one of his friends wondered why he would seek career counseling.  “You make more money than me”, the friend said.

Jim was 38 when he met with me.  The footsteps of 40 were haunting him in two ways.  In the background, he dismayed that he had spent so much time in a career that he didn’t like. In the foreground, he worried that he was trapping himself to another decade or two in a career he didn’t like.

“I don’t know what career counselors do but I was told you were different because you helped craft an escape plan for one of my wife’s friends.”

I laughed as I liked the phrasing: “escape plan”.

I’m watching a documentary on HBO about a super max prison in Virginia. Some of the inmates elaborated on the difference between those who have life sentences without chance of parole and those who had life sentences but with a chance of parole.  The latter had hope, even if slim, to someday legally escape their cells.  The former was without hope and had to grapple with the reality that they were trapped forever.

Your situation is so much better.  You can create a plan today to escape and if you need help, Career Counseling Connecticut can be your accomplice!