Your career vision or strategy needs editing, not your resume

Every week, someone calls with almost exclusive focus on the need for resume editing. Career Counseling Connecticut has a powerful resume editing team. We are happy to help with resume editing needs.

But more than not, the client is focusing on a career tactic when he/she should be focusing on career strategy and career vision. 

Some recent examples: 

Pete, a fortysomething from East Lyme, Connecticut, with a series of jobs in different fields with different functions was hopeful that a well edited resume could mask the fact that his career path was entirely disjointed. Pete’s real issue, in my mind, was choosing between two potential areas of half-developed skill sets. Career vision was the issue, not the career tactic of making his resume prettier.

Judy, a twentysomething from Middletown, Connecticut, also thought her resume was the issue for her inability to switch jobs.  She did have a career vision. While most resumes can be effectively tweaked by a resume editing professional, her resume generally in solid shape. Her career strategy was the issue. Introverted by nature, Judy had completely neglected networking and otherwise reaching out to others.