“Your life” is the urgency

Most every client over thirty that Career Counseling Connecticut works with says the same thing after the meeting: “I should have come here a long time ago.”

There are many reasons why people needlessly suffer in mismatched jobs and career paths but complacency is probably at the top of the list.  Complacency stems from not having a crisis to compel career movement.  I’ve had more than a few career coaching clients say they almost wish they were laid off so that they could then shift careers.

I’ve written elsewhere regarding the programming of complacency that occurs in our K-college conditioning.  Every year, change is automatic.  4th grade becomes 5th grade.  No thought needed to make that happen.  But jobs are different.  You – and you alone – are the only one who can make affirmative changes, particularly the longer you are in a career.  Some career paths provide a false sense that change will be continual because the first few years have some natural promotion opportunities.  But as anyone who is an organization for more than a half dozen years knows, those promotions stop becoming automatic and the length of stay at positions become much longer.

“I never had a sense of urgency” is another line used by our career counseling clients.

Your life is urgent.  Take the first step now.