Planning reduces career shocks

As the Covid-19 crisis has illustrated throughout Connecticut and elsewhere, layoffs in the new world of work are seemingly inevitable.

Building an invincible career means that layoffs – which those in Connecticut have become all too accustomed to – are not a terrible thing, just a disruption.   How does that happen?

Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients who have been laid off can be put into two broad categories: (1) those that were shocked and (2) those that had a plan.

The first group enters our offices – or now our Zoom calls! – confused, scared, and paralyzed.

The second group – some of whom had already been working with us – enters fairly calm. No one likes to get laid off, even with a plan. But those with a plan did not have to initially grapple with complex emotional hurdles.

Even better, some who had already met with me – pre-layoff – were almost eager to work the plan that we had created.

Start career planning. Now.