When you are career BUILDING the anxiety of career seeking goes away

Career anxiety? Career Counseling Connecticut can help.

“I want what you have.” Rich said.  “You are building something and love what you do.”  Rich was a young attorney in New Haven who realized that the didn’t really like practicing law.

I remember that feeling. I started my career as an attorney.  Even  hen I was a criminal prosecutor in Philadelphia – my favorite legal job –  I had a distinct voice in my head say: “I’m meant to be building people, not breaking them down.”  I note that I was in the midst of reviewing an appellate file on a guy who had murdered several people during an armed robbery.  The evidence was overwhelming.  In other words, I was not wondering whether I was doing something good but rather if I should be going something else,.

Those thoughts grew into mild anxiety about my career path as I worked as a federal prosecutor in Washington, DC.  Again, I had no problem seeking justice against white collar criminals. But, I knew this was not my calling. And, when I went into private sector, my anxiety about what I wanted to do grew so much that I wondered if my normally optimistic upbeat demeanor was vanishing.

When I committed myself to becoming an education-entrepreneur, my career seeking anxiety disappeared.  Sure, I still had flashes of anxiety about building a business, money, and all that comes with entrepreneurship but I also had a great deal of joy related to building my career.

When I started Career Counseling Connecticut, I realized that I was almost messianic in my zeal to get others to find a career they love.  I wanted everyone to escape the anxiety and experience joy.  “It doesn’t have to be that way.” I would tell clients. ” You don’t have to be anxious about your career.  You can be joyfully building it instead.”

I’ve tempered my unbridled enthusiasm a bit as I realize that “I know” it can be done because I did it. My career counseling clients don’t really know because they are still seeking.

I know we can provide career guidance in these situations because we have done so for years and I know the alternatives for helping with career anxiety are very good.