Career Change: Career counseling provides a needed sense of urgency

Career change? The time is now.

“I should have come here years ago…”  That may be the most common phrase I hear from Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients.

Changing careers is challenging in all the ways that something can be: fear of failure, fear of uncertainty, fear of insecurity.  That reason – or really collection of many reasons – is why most people procrastinate changing careers.  The other reason is the lack of a sense of urgency.  Do you have to change your career today?  This week?  This month? No.  So… I’ll make it a resolution next year.

Unfortunately, most people just kick the can down the road.  They’ll deal with their career unhappiness at some later point.  Right now, they’ll answer e-mails.  Work, too, can create procrastination about big life changing issues.

The problem: life starts to drift away.  As my twentysomething career counseling clients realize, thirty approaches really fast. And, my thirty/fortysomething career counseling clients realize, outside forces (marriage/kids/mortgage) consume a lot of energy that makes career change even more daunting.

Changing careers “today” (which really is a several month minimum process) will be hard.  But changing careers tomorrow will be even harder.  Get career guidance today from Career Counseling Connecticut.