Career Change Connecticut 2022: The Movie of Your Life

You are the main character of your movie. There are a lot of ways that you could write the movie. But I’m sure that doing the same dull or uninspiring job year after year would not be one of them. A complete failure to understand that career exploration is not the same as career change […]

Career Risk – Staying Has More Risk Than Leaving

“I despise my job.”   As a career coach, I hear is phrase a lot.  I also hear: “I’m thinking of doing something else but at the end of the day I do not want to take the risk and leave my secure job.” It is very common for people to be highly focused on […]

Career Change: Career counseling provides a needed sense of urgency

“I should have come here years ago…”  That may be the most common phrase I hear from Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients. Changing careers is challenging in all the ways that something can be: fear of failure, fear of uncertainty, fear of insecurity.  That reason – or really collection of many reasons – is why most […]