Careers That Pay… Enough

Let me start with an anecdote:

Famed novelists Kurt Vonnegut (Slaughterhouse-Five, among dozens of other notable works) and Joseph Heller (Catch-22) were at a party in the Hamptons. Vonnegut asked Heller if he was bothered that the owner of the house made so much more money than he did. Heller responded, “no, because I have something that he’ll never have?” Vonnegut asked the obvious follow up question and Heller responded: “Enough”.

I have never focused Career Counseling Connecticut’s attention on ensuring our clients maximize income at the expense of happiness. Having started my career as a lawyer (public service) and then with a few unhappy stints at big law firms (where I was maximizing my income at the expense of happiness), I want to ensure that our career counseling clients are HAPPY and successful.

But there is a balance. The first part of the title: “Careers That Pay…” is purposeful. While I don’t want to create unhappy lawyers and hedge fund managers, I also do now want to create starving artists (unless they are fully aware and fine with that choice!)

Career Counseling Connecticut is about the balance.

We can help you find work that both pays enough and keeps you happy.