So much career uncertainty that we are considering Universal Basic Income

I’m a political Independent and a vigorous one. I think the extreme partisanship on both sides is ripping our country apart. So, know that my comments here are not from a political perspective but from someone trying to help others with their career issues.

In reading several books and articles related to career anxiety, I came across the notion that anxiety/depression has become epidemic, in part, because of career uncertainty, which, of course, translates to financial uncertainty. As a solution, according to some, we should provide universal basic income.

I confess that when I first heard the notion of a government hand-out to everyone I thought it was crazy. Not that I am against government programs that help people in tough situations but just giving out money for existing seemed against my notion of a meritocracy.

I have warmed to the idea, ever so slightly, still against it but now after reading the likelihood of artificial intelligence and other next generation technologies wiping out career tracks, I understand the rationale.

Career Counseling Connecticut is on a mission to help our clients find career happiness and success. That universal basic income is becoming a discussed option only highlights the need for career help.