Post-Covid Career

I have been working with many displaced by the Covid crisis. My heart is with them. So my next sentiments are not meant to be callous:

The Coronavirus provides an automatic explanation for anyone who has desired switching careers. If you are wise, you will take advantage of this “pass” for the inevitable questions related to your potential career change.

Let me elaborate: I was an attorney for about a decade. I should have left the practice of law soon after I left public service. Private practice was not for me. I knew this before I took jobs at big law firms. While there were other reasons for my hesitance to shift career paths, one of the reasons was the inevitable explaining that I would have to do to (1) future employers (2) my parents and others who elevated my identity as an Ivy-league lawyer.

With my current clients – 20 years after my departure – I immediately sense similar struggles with those who wonder how they will explain their career shift. You now have a “pass”. As soon as you mention the Coronavirus… and if you allude to your company or job being unstable… there will be a “say no more, I understand” nod from pretty much everyone.

Moreover, many of Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients have had more time to reflect during this time. They realize they want something different from their careers. They understand that the Coronavirus will eventually not be part of their lives but their career path will be.

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