The Coronavirus Career Plan

It’s hard to say when the lockdown was in full effect in Connecticut. But, for simplicity sake, I’ll say one month ago.

The first stage created some fuzzy combination of shock/confusion/surrealness that led to paralysis on planning for the future. Most everyone I spoke with became very concerned about their (1) loved ones (good) (2) the news (bad) and (3) money (very bad for most).

My guess is that few are reading a career counseling blog if immersed in caring for someone with the Coronavirus. So, fortunately, dear reader, you like most are hunkered down in your home. Unlike those who are drugging themselves endlessly with NetFlix, websurfing, and in what other ways they chosen to “kill time”, you are making time alive by considering the future.

There is no other way. If you are worried about money, then the best thing you can do is figure out how you will make money. And for most everyone, career/job/starting a business is the way to make money.

As a client said yesterday, money is tight but she has an “investment fund” for building her career. This includes skill development and career advisory services.

The crisis will end. Your career won’t. We can help.