The Post-Labor Day Career Blues

When Career Counseling Connecticut opened, it was around the time of the Great Recession. Now we in what has been termed the Great Resignation.

Back then…. a mere 12 years ago… many of our career counseling clients were eager to find a new job. Having been laid off from what they thought was secure employment, some were eager for “any job.”

Now, there is something in the pandemic air that has shifted the mindset of many of our career counseling clients who don’t want just “any job” but a job that will lead to greater happiness/satisfaction/work-life balance.

My second book – Career Path of Abundance is probably my favorite of my three books because it addresses an area that was so highly personal to me: finding happy work… that also pays the bills.

It seems to be that many in the self-help industry do not focus enough on the latter (bill paying) and, of course, I know that most of our parental programming scoffed at the former (finding enjoyable work).

Career Counseling Connecticut focuses on both.

If you the post-Labor Day career or job blues… which many of our clients report… happy to help you find happy work!